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You’ll be my vacation away from this place.

We’re still buzzing from our virtual release party on Sunday celebrating our new single, “We Were There,” and we’re full of gratitude for all of you who tuned in. And ... we’ll talk more about all of that in a minute. 😉

Before we get started, here are a few things we are doing to fight systemic injustice, and we invite you to do the same:

Onto the business at hand! You can (re)watch last week’s SpotiFriday Live (Dann’s half and Mary’s half) and then give the companion Spotify playlist a listen. The theme: modes of transportation.

Back to that new single!

“We Were There” is the first of four singles we’re releasing over the next several months. It’s part of a collection of tracks we’re calling “playlist. #notarecord(because playlists are where it’s at, so we made one ... that we recorded at the same place ... and maybe some of the tracks blend together seamlessly ... but that is definitely NOT a record). We love the way these songs turned out and cannot WAIT to share them with you all.

This Friday’s show will be the same length but with half as many songs, because at the request of our dedicated SpotiFriday Live fans, we’re each doing our own covers of the same songs. But it’s not a competition. (Except when it is.) RSVP for Friday’s show on Facebook to see us battle it out I MEAN PLAY SOME SONGS.



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