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it's been HOW long?

on Nov. 5th, 2015, Dann and Mary played THIS:

This is the official advertisement from the Burren placemat, when placemats still had important information like upcoming shows and Real Estate agent's phone numbers.

Dann & Mary were paired up to learn and play each other's songs. The way Dann tells the story, it was pure kismet. The way Mary tells the story, we somehow finagled our way into being on stage at the same time. Dann played "Home, Slow Growing Seed, and I'm Still Standing" Mary played "Two Roads, We Were There, and House Made of Bricks." Dann of course needed lyrics sheets and Mary of course had everything memorized.

After trading each other's songs, we snuck in one more as we played "Dearly Departed" by Shakey Graves together for the first time on stage. It was then, over a magical pint of Guinness (all Guinnesses at The Burren are magical) we had the conversation of "maybe we should start a band."

So far, it seems like that was a good idea.


Dann (& Mary & Kari)

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