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spiders, snakes, and small places

what are YOU afraid of?

a few years ago, there was a string of shows in which right before the "solo" to What Are You Afraid Of? (commonly known on the set list as just "Afraid") where Mary would shoot Dann a look that was part amusement, part quizzical, and definitely part abject fear of what he (I) was going to do or say. It was a good bit for a time, where I would just say things like "small spaces" and then go off on some tangent about how I wanted to be a firefighter or an archaeologist when I realized that I couldn't, because of the small spaces, and Mary would roll her eyes and wonder when she could sing the vocal solo. Some people laughed. Some people chuckled. Some people straight up guffawed. (ok. that last one only happened once.)

In following up last week's post of taking chances, what is something that you're afraid of? is it a thing? an animal? a situation?

Is it something you'll avoid (or try to) forever? or something that you might think about facing?

Even Indy had to deal with snakes.

Let us know in the comments.

oh, and btw, here's the most recent video. Thanks again to our friends at The Fallout Shelter in Norwood, MA.

See you at a show soon.

peace, love, and music.

Dann (& Mary, & Kari)


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