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"[Three At Home] use relatable and earthy folk-pop arrangements to convey messages of personal empowerment."

- Country Queer

"... [T]he band seems to have this one massive energy that makes everything alluring and fun."

- The Sounds Won't Stop

"If you've never heard of Three At Home, picture if you packed Mumford & Sons into a nuclear bomb."

- Tim Howd, The Only Humans

"Sonic rays of sunshine"

- Jessye DeSilva, Jessye DeSilva & The Godless Heathens




The Three At Home sound is a cocktail of harmony-driven rock infused with soulful energy and emotion. Take the honest lyrics of Brandi Carlile, the tight harmonies of Fleetwood Mac, the passion and energy of Frank Turner, and shake it vigorously inside a bottle of Lake Street Dive throwback vibes, and you get Three At Home.


Two voices with one guitar, a full band with horn section, or any permutation in between, Three At Home delivers harmony-driven rock infused with soulful energy and emotion that invites audiences both tearfully and joyfully to sing along.

Their debut EP "Perfectly Unclear", released in June of 2018, runs deep into the rock and roll territory of bands like The Black Keys, while still maintaining a focus on the tight harmonies that they are known for in their acoustic performances.

Their recent project, playlist. #notarecord, released 1.21.21, takes that focus and turns it up a notch, highlighting harmonies, raucous distortion, incredible guitar solos, and smart songwriting. Three At Home also released three follow-up singles throughout 2022, including their singles "Magnificat", “Athena”, and “Shatter Me” now available on all streaming services.


2022 was also a year of growth for the band as the Three At Home family expanded from a duo to a trio. With the addition of a permanent drummer/vocal harmonist, the band was catapulted into full-on rock-your-face-off territory, while still maintaining the flexibility to perform stripped-down, harmony-focused acoustic performances for smaller venues.



“[playlist. #notarecord] hits all the soulful sweet spots you can handle with tasteful organs, acoustic pop, and sultry vocals that take you on a musical journey with each track. ... These tracks are addicting and super colorful and most can get you shaking your ass in your seat." - The Sounds Won't Stop


"Strident and anthemic, “Athena” feels like a gentle call to arms. ... [Three At Home] use this acoustic track (that nonetheless brims with contagious energy) as a platform to remind us that we’re resilient and resourceful people at a time when many of us are, perhaps, feeling a bit depleted." - Country Queer


"'Shatter Me' ... moves ... into a more gospel-leaning, confessional realm. You can feel Casiello pushing herself to turn in a stunning vocal performance—and she succeeds, while Russo lays low, adding just a bit of support here and there. Dead serious and unflinchingly honest, 'Shatter Me' details the long healing process in being a survivor of abuse; it’s both articulate and brave." - Country Queer

Three At Home were 2019 New England Music Award Nominees for Best in Massachusetts and multiple-time finalists in the Lizard Lounge Open Mic Challenge Main Event.

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