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What's in a year?

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Five Hundred, Twenty-Five Thousand, Six Hundred Minutes, according to Jonathan Larson.

It's been almost that long since we wrote a blog and SO many things have happened.

- everything started to open up

- we played a bunch of outdoor shows

- we went into a recording studio and recorded acoustic/unplugged versions of Magnificat, Athena, Shatter Me, and What Are You Afraid Of?

- everything closed down again

- Dann watched Tick, Tick, Boom at least five hundred times

- school started with a few Covid protocols still in place

- we played an amazing show at The Burren (our home away from home)

- things started to open up again

- Dann and Mary directed Godspell

- Mary (with Dann) directed Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

- everything REALLY closed down again

- Dann watched Tick, Tick, Boom another six hundred times

- Christmas happened and EVERYONE got Covid

- things started opening up again

- Mary started musically directing Spongebob, The Musical

- we played a few acoustic shows

- we went into the amazing The Record Company to rehearse and ended up writing FOUR songs

- Dann has been playing a bunch of singer-songwriter nights, including one as the feature

- things are opening up even more??

How was YOUR year?

- peace, love, and rock and roll


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