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We’ll carry on.

Updated: May 27, 2020

Color is everywhere in late spring in New England, and so it seemed a solid choice for last week’s SpotiFriday Live. (Although the list was a little heavy on the color black. 😆) We had an extra bit of fun playing last week and encouraged by those of you who have been so consistently present week after week. It means so much to have that support!

If you missed it, Dann’s half is here, Mary’s half is here, and the companion playlist is below:

During the 3@H@H After-Party, we also mentioned a few exciting things (watch it here if you missed it), including a request that you keep June 7th open and an inquiry as to whether any of you might be interested in a personalized vinyl track made just for you. If you are interested, send us an email at threeathomeband <at> gmail <dot> com and we’ll start talking details.

This Friday’s theme: names! See you there?

One last thought: here in the US, Memorial Day was especially weird this year. It is hard not to think of all the lives lost not only to war and violence, but the 100,000 taken in the US alone by this virus. That number is staggering, and it’s difficult to hold it in one’s mind while continuing to move through the world. There is certainly a lot to remember this year.

Stay as safe as you can. Call your reps. Wear your mask when you need to. Let’s all love each other the best we can.



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