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Want to hear what we played last SpotiFriday?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We hope you’re enjoying your Guinness and cabbage and Irish soda bread from your homes this evening during one of the most bizarre times in human history.

You may have tuned in to watch our two Facebook Live concerts last Friday. (If not, you can watch them here and here.) We don’t live in the same place, and server lags have not improved enough for us to actually play together over FaceTime or Zoom, so for now, playing sequential shows 50 miles apart over the Internet will have to do.

As we mentioned in our last post, in addition to sharing a SpotiFriday playlist, we are going to be doing Facebook Live concerts where we cover all the songs on our playlist every Friday until this extensive social distancing comes to an end.

Here is last Friday‘s playlist. Enjoy, and we’ll see you this coming Friday!


Mary & Dann


PS - Want to help folks in the arts who are suffering because of coronavirus-related cancellations? Check out this petition:

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