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They Like Us! They Really Really L...HUH?

we've started sending out songs to be reviewed. We figured that since we MIGHT ACTUALLY BE DONE with the new record/notarecord and we should try to gain some momentum before we release it.

And so, we thought it would be interesting to see what people who rejected us said. Yes, they didn't want to write about CAPSIZE (the original 2018 mix), because the organ was too much, or too little, or the song was too slow, or didn't fit their blog's style (all totally legitimate reasons, btw). Here are some pretty fantastic things people said in their rejections that kinda made us feel pretty good:

Feedback from Capsize (2018 mix)

· you have an awesome voice

· appreciate the craft of the songwriting here

· a collection of players so comfortable in each others company it doesn't have to be completely synced up

· the vocals are impressive (dynamic and rich)

· thanks for sending this, I really enjoy the nice alive drums in the song and the really expressive and theatrical and dramatic vocal performance

· Great work! you are creative and professional

· It’s a good pop rock song, well played and produced. The two voices shine and so does the great arrangement

· This track is quite a fun adventure lyrically and melodically. We like that this song was in a constantly moving push forward and thought the exchange of lead vocal was nice

· Thanks for sending. Nice work here… great craftsmanship

· the drums sounded great, cool lyrics too

· The idea is fun and the beat is catchy

· both your vocals have a super rich and radio friendly tone, they go so well together. the production highlights your tone so well

· I like how wide open the vocals are - very crisp

· Superb energy

We're pretty ok with this. And of COURSE we'll keep rockin.


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