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That’s one way to lose these walking blues.

This is getting old, y’all. Whether we’re out working or stuck at home, we’re all at the end of our ropes. It’s just ... hard.

But nevertheless, last week we encouraged you all to put on that outfit that makes you feel spectacular and dance it out with us. Mary’s half, Dann’s half, companion playlist:

We had some exciting technical difficulties during our 3@H@H Afterparty (shout-out to Nicole and FaceTime for saving the day), but still managed to announce that this Friday’s theme will be colors! As always, tune into our Facebook page this Friday at 5 pm EDT for the show. :)

OH! And if you missed it, we also released A NEW VIDEO last week for our song “Just Like This”! We’re still messing about with the Acapella app, and this one was particularly fun to make. Please give it a view, a like, a comment, and/or a share when you get a moment.



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