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Take me to the magic of the moment.

We both enjoy surprising other people, in music, in storytelling, and in life. So we relished the opportunity to surprise all of you last week with a sneak-attack duo version of SpotiFriday LIVE at our favorite quarantine venue, Dann's Deck. It can get lonely performing for a screen by yourself at your house, and we decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather while we can. Sadly, we can't do it that way every week, but we'll do it as often as we can.

Already excited for the next SpotiFriday LIVE? Watch (or rewatch) the full show on Facebook, and then jam out to the companion playlist below full of songs by musicians born outside of the United States:

We are so grateful to all of you who have helped us not only keep the lights on at 3@H, but have also helped us contribute to so many good causes over these last several months. This week, thanks to your tips on PayPal and Venmo, we were able to donate to the following racial justice organizations:

We donated a grand total of $242 across these three organizations -- 42 in honor of Jackie Robinson and the man who portrayed him so well, Chadwick Boseman. #RIP

This Friday is not only another magical SpotiFriday LIVE (featuring songs by Irish artists), it's also Bandcamp Day. Bandcamp will be waiving their revenue fees to artists -- which means more money in the hands of independent musicians. Our new single "Just Like This" will be out everywhere Sept. 5th, but in honor of Bandcamp Day, we will be releasing it a day early on Bandcamp only. Visit our Bandcamp page on Friday, Sept. 4th, to hear it first!

That's all in this week's news! Stay your amazing selves!



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