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drive fast, take chances.

it's what my friend always says instead of "goodbye" or "see ya" and it's kinda great.

granted, when we all were 19 years old and could make it from Philly to Boston in five (5!) hours we focused more on the first part.

as we get older, the second part is the part we need to be reminded of. Taking chances is WAY easier at 18 than 38, and it's a good reminder to make sure we don't stop. We put ourselves out of our comfort zone and experience life - hell, it's basically what Nat Geo and the Discovery Channel base their viewership on. But here's a reminder to not just watch from the safety of your TV or computer.

Last Thursday, we took a chance. We went to the open mic at the in Norwood, MA, thinking it would be cool to get a video out of it. AND IT WAS. AND THEN WE WERE ASKED TO COME BACK TO OPEN FOR A TOURING ARTIST. Who knows what is going to happen if you even take a little chance?

Drive fast. Take chances.

here's the video for POUR:

and here's the link for tickets (it WILL sell out):

peace, love, & rock and roll.

Dann (& Mary & Kari)

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