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Short on words and long on things to say.

Congratulations on surviving the presidential election, everyone! 💙 💙 💙 While there is surely more work ahead — as there always is — we both felt our shoulders drop a few inches once the announcement came through on Saturday. Anyone else?

After a few weeks away to take care of ourselves in the wake of some difficult days, and after playing a show IN THE SNOW, we got back to SpotiFriday LIVE last week, and it was a hoot. Our theme: seasons and seasonings. Watch Mary’s half, Dann’s half, and then check out the companion playlist below, which includes a track from the incomparable Boston-area singer-songwriter, Julia Mark:

Dann learned a brand new tuning in order to be able to play Chris Cornell’s “Seasons.” The song has meant a lot to him for a long time; in fact, he wrote about it on our old Wordpress blog back in 2017, shortly after Chris Cornell died. We thought it would make sense to share that blog post here.


When I was in high school, I had what the kids today would probably call a play list. Every night, as I lay in bed under the light green kinda crocheted blanket next to my posters of baseball players, rockstars, and many oversized CD cases, I would play the same songs or close to the same songs as I went to sleep. And as soon as the Singles soundtrack came out, Chris Cornell’s “Seasons” was a permanent fixture on the playlist.

There was something about that song that spoke truth. I wasn’t even a Soundgarden fan – that was my brother. I was Pearl Jam all the way. State of Love and Trust was my true love on the Singles soundtrack. But there was something about Seasons that I didn’t even realize I connected with.

Fast forward to two weeks ago. The news that Chris Cornell had died permeated the internet and was impossible to not see. I wasn’t affected. I mean, I was. And as a super star who was seemingly at a peak in his career, it was shocking to me. As the day and days kept going by, I realized just how affected I was. Not by my idol dying. Not by someone I was obsessed with disappearing. This death started me looking at everything around me. At myself, even.

It’s part of why we play music. To be a rock star. It would be amazing to have people singing my lyrics back at me. Or would it? I’d hope that it would be.

Either way, I did convince myself (with some help) to call a therapist because everyone needs one. Even if they don’t need it.

If you find yourself in a situation you might need some help, ask for it. Because people are willing to help you if you let them know.


Finally, here are some actions we’re taking to fight systemic injustice, and as always, we invite you to join us:

We’ll see you Friday the 13th for a show about fears and superstitions, and on the 18th where we’re playing “at” Club Passim for their Songs of 2010 Tribute Show.



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