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Put another dime in the jukebox, baby

Last week’s SpotiFriday Live playlist theme was songs about songs and singing.

Last week’s SpotiFriday Live show theme was breaking technology and keeping one’s cool under pressure. ;) (You can watch it here and here. And here, here, and here. #timetoupdate)

Despite Facebook crashes and fighting with Zoom to give us good sound, we made it through. And thanks to those of you who have been tuning in and donating at these shows, we were able to donate $250 to The Record Company and their artist relief fund. In a time where so many of us feel helpless, it was wonderful to be able to give back to the community we love.

For your perusal, we present the companion playlist for our March 27th show.

Our theme this week: forgetting and remembering. RSVP here! As is always the case with these FB Live broadcasts, half the donations we receive via Venmo and PayPal during this show will go to a good cause. This time around we’re looking to raise money for the National Domestic Violence Hotline, who are now more than ever the first line in helping victims of domestic violence find the safety they need and deserve.

See you at the show! And to quote Bill & Ted, “be excellent to each other.”



PS - Our blog title this week is also a tribute to Alan Merrill, who wrote “I Love Rock ’n’ Roll” and who passed away this week from the coronavirus, after we played our show. Thank you for your contribution to rock & roll history.

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