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Leave me breathless.

While it may not quite be flannel time here in New England, sure signs of fall are already in the air: cooler nights, a few changing leaves, the weirdest back-to-school prep ever, and ... our September single, “Just Like This” is out everywhere! This track is pure joy, and we’re so happy we can finally share it with you. But before we tell you where you can find it, we have a few more things to mention. For example....

Looking for a few ways to fight systemic injustice? Here are some actions we’re taking and we invite you to join us.

If you missed SpotiFriday last week, you missed some music from the land of our people, Ireland. But fear not! You can always rewatch Mary’s half and Dann’s half over on our Facebook page. And as always, for your entertainment, we present the companion playlist.

In honor of the start of the school year, this Friday’s show will be songs about school, education, and learning. (It’s going to be a rough one. Support your teachers.)

Like we said above, our new single “Just Like This” is now streaming everywhere! The song is set during a party Friday Night in New York City, going in and out of comedy clubs and concerts, feeling those blasts of serotonin and euphoria that can only happen in crowds laughing, clapping, and singing along to their favorite songs. And preferably ending it all with a kiss. 😘

You can also watch the super fun animated lyric video made by Katie John of Roselyn Illustrations. Check out the lyric video on YouTube!

It’s a hard world out there. Give yourselves a hug from us, and keep loving on yourselves in the meantime. You’re doing a great job.



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