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I think it’s time we found a way back home.

This has already been a long quarantine. And we know it isn't done. But summer has brought some relief for a couple of musicians who miss playing together: backyard virtual shows. We've been able to play a couple of these on Dann's deck, and we're excited for the next one. (More on that below.)

Before we get into that, here are a few things we’re doing this week to educate ourselves and be better allies in the fight against systemic injustice (and we invite you to join us):

Last week’s show was deeply meta. Our good friend Dan Crocker termed it “3@H@H on homes” because our theme was houses and homes. In case you missed them, you can watch both shows - Dann's half and Mary's half - and then give a listen to the companion playlist. (It also includes a song by a stellar local band Visiting Wine that Mary intended to play but her voice gave out.)

Speaking of voices giving out — prepping and playing for these shows is a delight, but we need a little break. So we are taking a couple of weeks off from SpotiFriday to recoup, and we’ll be back on August 7th with a numbers-themed show for you.

Plus, we want to give you the chance to miss us a little before our next single release on August 2nd. The new song is called “Fill It Up” and we can’t wait for you to hear it. We’ll be outside in an undisclosed location broadcasting virtually on FB Live. More details on that in the coming days!

(And while you’re waiting, “We Were There” is now available for streaming on all platforms!)

All right, that’s all for now! See you very soon!



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