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I get a little bit closer to feeling fine.

Hey all.

Just wanted to say.

We’re grateful for you.

In this year, with all the distance, with all the loss, with all the cancellations, we have been lucky enough to find, as always, strong community through music. It’s such a gift, such a balm for the soul in such a painful time.

Every time you tune into a virtual show, every time you listen to or share the new singles we’ve released this year (and the old ones!), every time you share song suggestions or drop us a note to say hey, you’re helping us get through. We hope we’re doing the same for you.

Thank you, so, so much. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

In light of the holiday, we’re taking it easy on the blog front this week. (Although if you missed it, you can go back and read Mary’s blog on how insidious stress can be from last week.)

However, we’ll be singing more of our thanks at this Friday’s gratitude-themed SpotiFriday LIVE. For now, check out last week’s performances — Dann’s half, Mary’s half — and the companion Spotify playlist below.

During Thanksgiving time in the US, we want to remind you all how important it is to really research and learn all you can about the people whose ancestors were here first. Erasure and homogenization are serious issues of oppression for Native American communities. Many have had their languages, culture, and histories virtually wiped out. They have been hurt and continue to be hurt by actions and policies stemming from systemic racism. The very knowledge that Native people are not gone, but still live here — and still suffer — is a challenge to the idealized notion of the United States that we are often presented with.

Native American Heritage Day falls on Friday. Like Thanksgiving, it holds a lot of pain and conflict for Native communities — check out this interview with Simon Moya-Smith from 2017 — and serves as an opportunity for the rest of us to learn and stand as allies. So here are some places to start:

Stay safe. Take care of one another. We miss you.



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