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I don’t want to spend all of my life indoors

(A quote deeply apt for our times, though it sadly remains only wishful thinking for some. I am feeling really lucky to have a yard these days. Hoping you’re all able to open some windows safely, anyway. ❤️)

Last week marked our eighth SpotiFriday Live in as many weeks. While Dann has pretty extensive experience performing online from his time on Second Life (no, really; he was a big deal on Second Life, y’all), I have never done it with such regularity. I don’t think I’m wrong in saying that, compared with live performance, it’s not something either of us ever hoped to get especially better at than we were eight weeks ago. But needs must, and perhaps we’ll be well-served in The Time After by having gotten a rhythm for them. It’s nice to have the chance to reach so many folks who would never be able to make a local show anyway!

It’s also given us a chance to give back. Thanks to the tips we received in May, we were able to donate $250 to the National Domestic Violence Hotline. Your support has been absolutely amazing, and this cause is particularly near and dear to my heart. So thank you so, so much!

In case you missed the show, we did songs about elements — elements from the periodic table, the classical elements, and the elements (aka, the weather). You can watch performances here and here, and the companion Spotify playlist is below:

In honor of Mother‘s Day, this Friday’s show is all about families ... and Hanson (who are also a family). 😂 If you need some more details about what songs are fair game, check out 3@H@H here and then email us with your song suggestions at threeathomeband {at} gmail {dot} com. Also we’ll continue giving half our tips to good causes. This month, we’ll be supporting local venues affected by COVID-19.

Thanks for keeping us going. We couldn’t do it without you.


Mary (& Dann)


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