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Goodnight and joy be with you all

Close quarters are definitely starting to get to us and our respective families. Everyone needs a little space, and it can be hard to come by. At the same time, being isolated from the rest of the world can be so lonely. And that’s not even taking into consideration the immense pain and loss the world at large is experiencing. It is all so overwhelming and stressful. Which is part of the reason that last week we decided to play songs that help us relax.

If you missed it, you can watch the shows here and here. The companion playlist is below:

As we revealed/decided during last week’s Three At Home At Home, this week’s theme is elements. So if you have any suggestions for tunes, send us an email at and we’ll give it a shot! Then tune into our FB page on Friday to see if we covered your tune. As always, half our tips will go to support a good cause (a mystery to be revealed during Friday’s show 😯). Until then....



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