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D: Do we have a theme for Friday?

M: Not yet. I remember having good theme ideas and I have successfully forgotten them all. M: Maybe that’s a theme. Forgetting and remembering.

D: Brilliant.

And that‘s how we picked last week’s SpotiFriday Live theme: by Mary forgetting all her other ideas. X-D

Short-term memory seems to have been one of the casualties of this worldwide crisis. All the brain shelf space where we would have held those small ideas and tasks has been taken over by pandemic statistics and Zoom optimization instructions. And whatever was left, a universal trauma sat on and broke.

At least there is still music. (And Google searches and Ultimate Guitar for when you can’t remember the lyrics or the chords.)

If you missed them, you can view last week’s shows here and here. We are still working on a way to play a show trading songs back and forth all in one video. Until that can happen, we have decided to do a short SpotiFriday After Party each week. You can get all that hilarious onstage banter you miss, plus we‘ll announce the next week’s theme so you can comment with ideas for songs you’d like us to cover.

It’s a food-themed SpotiFriday this week. And we’ll continue donating half of any tips we receive to the National Domestic Violence Hotline. See you there?



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