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1, 2, 3, 4, tell me that you love me more.

Hello, friends! Our weeks off went by quickly (even with the unintended extra week off due to an unanticipated family obligation) but SpotiFriday is BACK! And course, we weren’t completely off — we celebrated the release of our new single “Fill It Up”/the birth of our friend Monica with a virtual show live from Monica’s yard. Luckily Dann remembered to bring his pop-up canopy because it was pouring the whole time. (No humans were electrocuted in the making of this virtual experience.) We are grateful to those of you who tuned in for the fun and the weather. “Fill It Up” is available on Spotify and all streaming platforms — just in case you haven’t heard. 😉

Before we get to the companion playlist for last week’s numbers-themed SpotiFriday show, we want to share three (get it? because numbers?) actions we are taking to continue growing and showing up to fight systemic injustice — and as always, we invite you to join us.

Last week’s playlist is below. If you missed it, you can still watch Dann’s half (Dann ran into some internet struggles and sounded awesome anyway) and Mary’s half thanks to the magic of Facebook Live. It also includes a new song by Boston-based singer-songwriter Anjimile that we didn’t cover because Mary covered their song “1978” and then discovered it was not on Spotify. Give them a listen before their inevitable international takeover is complete.

Next week’s SpotiFriday theme is country songs, in honor of Kenny Rogers’ birthday. Feel free to send us your suggestions — we love requests! (But like, soon-ish. We’re professionals, not magicians. 😉)

Psst! Since you’re such a boss and made it to the bottom, here are a couple extra goodies for you:

Wow. You’re the best. Keep it up.


Mary & Dann


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